Pews News – 24 Jul 2022

† St Andrews
Proclaiming Christ in Clewer
24 July 2022
The 6th Sunday after Trinity


Readings: Trinity 6/ Proper 12 : Gen 18. 20-32; Col 2.6-15; Luke 11.1-13

One of the wonderful things about ministry with children and families, is to see them gradually learn the Lord’s Prayer. As the children begin at our church school, knowing the Lord’s Prayer, gives them that extra confidence when being in a new place with new people. ‘I know this, I can say this’. That familiar prayer we say at the end of prayer time during our Prayers and Bears, when we all sit in a circle and hold hands, or not covid depending, and say together….Our Father;  gives us a sense of belonging, being together, learning to pray together, knowing so many people are saying the same words, talking to God together!

Then there is the other side of the human life, when age and health take over, when people find themselves being cared for in a place that is unfamiliar and sometimes confusing. The words Our Father…. are heard and somewhere within there is a recognition, lips start to move and the words come. Somehow, they know those words, words so familiar and deeply rooted within find their way to the surface and are released quietly and gently….who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Prayer often seems hard, hard to learn when you are small, hard to say when you feel life is against you, but Jesus gives us this prayer, Jesus knows we struggle with prayer! The Lord’s Prayer is a gift from Jesus, it is a prayer that starts a revolution because it puts God first, a prayer that allows us to ask for daily provision, for forgiveness, for us to forgive others, for justice and for peace to break through upon the world. This is all you’ll ever need to pray, no matter how young or old, or your circumstances, this is it, this is relationship with God. Put God first in your life through these words, but it comes with a warning…it will change you!

Blessings for your week ahead.
Revd Rosie


Merciful God,
you have prepared for those who love you
such good things as pass our understanding:
pour into our hearts such love toward you
that we, loving you in all things and above all things,
may obtain your promises,
which exceed all that we can desire;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.
All Amen


Genesis 18.20-32

Then the Lord said, ‘How great is the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah and how very grave their sin! I must go down and see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry that has come to me; and if not, I will know.’

So the men turned from there, and went towards Sodom, while Abraham remained standing before the Lord. Then Abraham came near and said, ‘Will you indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked? Suppose there are fifty righteous within the city; will you then sweep away the place and not forgive it for the fifty righteous who are in it? Far be it from you to do such a thing, to slay the righteous with the wicked, so that the righteous fare as the wicked! Far be that from you! Shall not the Judge of all the earth do what is just?’ And the Lord said, ‘If I find at Sodom fifty righteous in the city, I will forgive the whole place for their sake.’ Abraham answered, ‘Let me take it upon myself to speak to the Lord, I who am but dust and ashes. Suppose five of the fifty righteous are lacking? Will you destroy the whole city for lack of five?’ And he said, ‘I will not destroy it if I find forty-five there.’ Again he spoke to him, ‘Suppose forty are found there.’ He answered, ‘For the sake of forty I will not do it.’ Then he said, ‘Oh do not let the Lord be angry if I speak. Suppose thirty are found there.’ He answered, ‘I will not do it, if I find thirty there.’ He said, ‘Let me take it upon myself to speak to the Lord. Suppose twenty are found there.’ He answered, ‘For the sake of twenty I will not destroy it.’ Then he said, ‘Oh do not let the Lord be angry if I speak just once more. Suppose ten are found there.’ He answered, ‘For the sake of ten I will not destroy it.’

This is the word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.

Psalm 138

1  I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with my whole heart; 
   before the gods will I sing praise to you.
2  I will bow down towards your holy temple and praise your name,
      because of your love and faithfulness; 
   for you have glorified your name
      and your word above all things.
3  In the day that I called to you, you answered me; 
   you put new strength in my soul.
4  All the kings of the earth shall praise you, O Lord, 
   for they have heard the words of your mouth.
5  They shall sing of the ways of the Lord, 
   that great is the glory of the Lord.
6  Though the Lord be high, he watches over the lowly; 
   as for the proud, he regards them from afar.
7  Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
      you will preserve me; 
   you will stretch forth your hand against the fury of my enemies;
      your right hand will save me.
8  The Lord shall make good his purpose for me; 
   your loving-kindness, O Lord, endures for ever;
      forsake not the work of your hands.

Colossians 2.6-15

As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the universe, and not according to Christ. For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, and you have come to fullness in him, who is the head of every ruler and authority. In him also you were circumcised with a spiritual circumcision, by putting off the body of the flesh in the circumcision of Christ; when you were buried with him in baptism, you were also raised with him through faith in the power of God, who raised him from the dead. And when you were dead in trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive together with him, when he forgave us all our trespasses, erasing the record that stood against us with its legal demands. He set this aside, nailing it to the cross. He disarmed the rulers and authorities and made a public example of them, triumphing over them in it.

This is the word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.


Hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke.
Glory to you, O Lord.

Luke 10.38-end

He was praying in a certain place, and after he had finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.’ He said to them, ‘When you pray, say:
Father, hallowed be your name.
   Your kingdom come.
   Give us each day our daily bread.
   And forgive us our sins,
   for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us.
   And do not bring us to the time of trial.’
And he said to them, ‘Suppose one of you has a friend, and you go to him at midnight and say to him, “Friend, lend me three loaves of bread; for a friend of mine has arrived, and I have nothing to set before him.” And he answers from within, “Do not bother me; the door has already been locked, and my children are with me in bed; I cannot get up and give you anything.” I tell you, even though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, at least because of his persistence he will get up and give him whatever he needs.

 ‘So I say to you, Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. Is there anyone among you who, if your child asks for a fish, will give a snake instead of a fish? Or if the child asks for an egg, will give a scorpion? 13If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!’

This is the Gospel of the Lord.
Praise to you, O Christ.


Father, we are here in church today to worship you and to celebrate your love for us. May the words we sing and say and hear help us to celebrate worthily. May we all know that our Lord Jesus is here with us blessing our gathering and fellowship. Help us to see him more clearly and to believe and trust in him more surely.

Grant unto all your children, the believers, to live in the unity of the Spirit within your fold as one flock belonging to you, O Chief Shepherd. Help us that we may all come to you in one spirit, even though by various ways, all of them leading unto salvation through the blood of the Redeemer. Give us courage that we may kill all disputing and quarrellings among us believers that we may be united, all of us, in your love and obedience. Amen.

O God our Father, we bring before you in our prayers those who are suffering in body or in mind as a result of the unrest in their countries and because of the fear and suspicion that separates the various factions. We pray for all who have lost wife or husband, children or parents and for those who have lost their livelihood, their security or their home. Have mercy on them all, O God, and prosper all that is being done to resolve the crisis and to bring peace to those troubled lands.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

Heavenly Father, we commend to your gracious keeping all who are suffering in body, mind or spirit, We uphold before you all those from our community or otherwise known to us who are unwell or in hospital, all who have concerns about money or accommodation, all who are unemployed and all who have concerns about family members. Give them all courage and hope, your strength and your peace. In a moment of silence let each one of us bring to our Heavenly Father those we hold on our hearts Blake, Sam, Reuben, Don, Karl, Hugh and Sarah, Joanna, Pam, Holly, Hugo, Frank and Barbara, Bill, Suzanne, Christopher, Jackie, Norman and Diane, Patricia, Frank, Mulle, and Martin and Ishbel. Refugees, Prisoners, the Homeless and those who mourn.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

We thank you, O our Father, that our loved ones who have gone from our sight are in your keeping. We thank you for the life of all who have died in recent days and for all they meant to each one of us. In commending their souls to your eternal safekeeping, we leave them in perfect trust. Grant that we may learn to love you better so that we may meet all our loved ones again in your presence through faith in him who loved us and gave himself for us, Jesus Christ our Lord. Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen


God of our pilgrimage,
you have led us to the living water:
refresh and sustain us
as we go forward on our journey,
in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Listen to Canon Brian’s Sermon last Sunday


BCP Evening Prayer is on Sunday at 5pm via a Zoom link. We will send out the order of service later.

Psalm 88
Genesis 42.1-25
1 Corinthians 10.1-24


Evening Prayer on Zoom, Tuesday and Thursday at 5.00pm, except in August

Church open for Private Prayer, every Wednesday 10.00am-12.00

Sun 24 July  10.30am 6th Sunday after Trinity – Parish Eucharist 
5.00pm Evening Prayer – Zoom

Sun 31 July  10.30am 7th Sunday after Trinity – Parish Eucharist 
                       No Evening Service (5th Sunday)

Sun 07 Aug  10.30am 8th Sunday after Trinity – Family Eucharist 
                      5.00pm Eucharist – in Church

Sun 14 Aug  10.30am 9th Sunday after Trinity – Parish Eucharist 
5.00pm Evening Prayer – Zoom PRAYERS & BEARS

Prayers and Bears is now taking a break.


The next, and end of season, churchyard tidy is 08 Oct 10.00am-12.00


The PCC are having an awayday, a quiet day at Burnham Abbey on 10 September, all day. There are still a few places for non PCC members, so if you would like to join us, please let Revd Rosie know.


The PCC at their last meeting confirmed the charities which we are supporting:

Mothering Sunday – Baby Bank 
Christian Aid Coffee morning (at Rectory) and Bucket collections – Christian Aid
Harvest Festival – Windsor Christian Action
Remembrance Sunday – Royal British Legion
Christmas – East to West, Crisis, Childrens’ Society (if we have a crib service this year).


The Suffering: Blake, Sam, Reuben, Don, Karl, Hugh and Sarah, Joanna, Pam, Holly, Hugo, Frank and Barbara, Bill, Suzanne, Christopher, Jackie, Norman and Diane, Patricia, Frank, Mulle, and Martin and Ishbel. Refugees, Prisoners, the Homeless and those who mourn.

The Departed: all those recently departed this life, and those whose anniversaries fall at this time.

Those baptised this month: 

Those getting married this month: Christopher and Louise, Lauren and Zsolt

Community Prayers: Clewer Green School, the head teacher Martin Tinsley and all the pupils, staff and governors. For all our Care Homes, for the safety of residents and staff. 

Parish Cycle of Prayer: Please pray for all who live in Hermitage Lane,  Longbourn, Maidenhead Road, Rays Avenue, Wells Close, Vale Road, and Buckland Crescent.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: please pray for The Church in Wales. Please pray also for the Churches in these Dioceses: Masindi-Kitara (Uganda), Massachusetts (USA), Western Massachusetts (USA), Masvingo (Central Africa), Matabeleland (Central Africa), and Matana (Burundi).

Please continue to pray for and support your neighbours and families in any way you can whilst keeping yourself safe.


From their Facebook Page:

Can you help?  We are currently low on desserts and tinned spaghetti.

Also desperately low on strong carrier bags.

All items can be dropped off to the church:

Dedworth Green Baptist Church, Smiths Lane, Windsor, SL4 5PE
9.30am-1.30pm Wednesdays
9.30am -3.00pm Thursdays.

or alternatively they can be brought from our Amazon wish list. The address they are delivered to are saved to Amazon to make your life a little easier 😀.

Thankyou all for your continued support and for helping to feed local families.

More information, and to donate online:


Thank you to everyone for all you have been able to give in this difficult time. Please consider continuing your regular giving by paying directly to our bank account, the details of which are:
HSBC Bank, High Street, Windsor
Sort Code: 40-47-37
Account number: 11373366 
Account name: PCC St Andrews Church
                       or if your bank doesn’t like this
                       Parochial Church Council St Andrews Clewer Parish
You may wish to consider transferring to the Parish Giving Scheme,
which we promoted in previous years. Details are on our page on their web site:


We also have the printed application forms available, please contact the Parish Office by email.

The Parish Office is now closed.
The Office Number is: 07490 094261

Parish Website:

Churchwarden: Stuart Cockman
Safeguarding Policy:
Safeguarding Officer:

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