Terms, Conditions & Instructions

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St Agnes Church
The Hall & Upper Room
St Leonards Road, Windsor SL4 3DX
Health & Safety Guide

The Hirer acts as the health and safety champion on the premises during the hire period. This includes: encouraging others to behave responsibly and report problems to you; and responding quickly if there are unsafe conditions. If people attending your event are not familiar with the buildings, explain the evacuation procedure.

Read the Fire Safety Notices displayed in the Church entrance, Church Vestry, Kitchen, Hall, hallway and the Upper Room. Locate the fire exits and assembly points.

Fire Exits
Ensure these are kept clear. All doors should remain unlocked as an emergency exit when the premises are in use.
In the event of a Fire
• The Smoke Alarms will activate.
• Evacuation procedures: take register/list of all attendees with you and exit via the nearest fire exit to the Fire Assembly Point on the front lawn.
• Call the Emergency Services: Do not re-enter the building until the Emergency Services determine that it is safe so to do.

• Maintain good standards of hygiene when preparing food.
• Pay attention to safety notices.
• Please report faults or defects in equipment immediately to Sharon Robinson (Parish Administrator) 01753 864169.
• Report accidents or injuries (however minor), near misses or safety concerns by completing a form in the Accident Book and sending it to the Health & Safety Officer at the address on the form.
• Switch off equipment (unless labelled otherwise) and secure the building on departure.
• Keep kitchen hobs clear of flammable items e.g., tea towels, plastics, etc.

Do not:
• SMOKE anywhere on St Agnes property
• Attempt to use or repair equipment that you suspect is in a dangerous state.
• Obstruct ventilation holes or heating appliances.
• Put drink or other liquids on top of electrical equipment.
• Create trip hazards when arranging furniture or equipment.

General Conditions of Hire:
1. St Agnes – Church, Hall and Upper Room -are owned and maintained by Clewer St Andrew & St Agnes Parochial Church Council (PCC). The PCC and its officers are responsible for promoting the use of the premises by local community and church groups and also for maintaining it for use and enjoyment by future generations.

2. St Agnes Church, Hall and Upper Room are available for hire by community groups and private individuals for events. It can be hired by any group, regardless of faith or creed, with the following exceptions: the PCC will not let the premises to groups promoting racist or other discriminatory views, nor parties, concerts or music practice which are likely to produce excessive noise levels and reserves the right to refuse a request for booking without having to give its reasons for so doing.

3. Smoking is not permitted anywhere either in the buildings or on any part of the site.

4. Bookings –

Bookings can be made onlinee at www.standrewsclewer.org If there are any problems please
contact the Parish Office at office@clewerparish.org or call 01753 864169. The office is open
from 10:00 to 12noon on weekdays. Hirers must be aged 21 years and over.

5. Charges – The Hirer agrees to the current rates of hire, that no portion of an hour may be booked, and the sum required as deposits:

The Hirer agrees to the current rates of hire, that no portion of an hour may be booked, and the sum required as deposits:

• St Agnes Church: £25/hr
• The Hall: £15/hr
• Upper Room: £10/hr
• Retreat/Training/Conference Days: £200/day – to include the full suite of buildings: St Agnes Church, the Hall, Upper Room, and Kitchen.
• Kitchen: £10/hr (Available for exclusive hire in exceptional circumstances, although the rest of the premises will still need access to drinking water)

6. Deposits
• A (returnable) deposit of £50 is required as security against loss of keys.
• A second (returnable) deposit of £150 is required as security against expense incurred by
St Agnes as a result of damage or extra cleaning required.

7. Confirmation –
On confirmation that your booking has been successful the parish office will email the code for the key safe which is located on the wall of St Agnes Hall. The keys should be returned to the key safe after locking up at the end of the event.

8. The PCC reserves the right to cancel the booking if exceptional unforeseen circumstances arise.

9. The PCC may request that a regular group/hirer use an alternative room to the one usually hired if the need arises.

10. The Hirer acknowledges that no tenancy is intended to be created between the PCC and the Hirer and that no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them.

11. The Hirer shall be responsible for making adequate arrangements to ensure against third-party claims (injury or damage to other parties besides the Hirer), which may lie against the Hirer while using the premises, and against damage or injury sustained by the Hirer while on St Agnes premises during the period of hire.

12. The Hirer shall indemnify the PCC in respect of the cost of repair or any damage done to any part of the premises including the contents of the building during, or as a result, of the booking. When putting up decorations, users/hirers must avoid damaging the fabric of the building. Any damages or breakages must be reported to the Parish Office and paid for in full. If extra cleaning is needed, the PCC reserves the right to charge the user/ hirer for all reasonable costs.

13. The Hirer shall if selling goods on the premises, comply with all relevant fair-trading laws and any local codes of practice issued in connection with such sales.

14. The Hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the fire exits and fire extinguishers, and for the safe evacuation of their group/guests in the event of fire. Entrances and exits must be kept clear and unlocked at all times.

15. The Hirer is responsible for keeping a register of all attendees/guests and for taking a register at the Fire Assembly point to ensure full evacuation can be completed in the event of a fire.

16. Users/hirers are also responsible for complying with the law regarding health and safety regulations, food hygiene, gaming, lottery and copyright regulations. Hirers are also required to comply with the St Agnes Health and Safety Guide, a copy of which can be found on p.2 of the Hire Agreement.

17. The PCC has a child protection policy for its own work with children and young people. Regular user groups without their own child protection policy are required to sign a form agreeing to abide by the PCC’s child protection policy.

18. The Hirer is responsible for the behaviour of their group/guests. Sub-letting to other groups or individuals is strictly forbidden.

19. Regular community group hirers may be given their own key for the use of their group, but on the strict condition that they do not lend the key to other people or groups. A deposit of £50 must be paid for these keys, which will be refunded upon return of the keys.

20. Music must be kept at a level acceptable to those living nearby.

21. Accommodation – The Church will accommodate 100 people seated (120 standing). The Hall – 60 standing and 42 seated; the Upper Room – 35 standing and 10 seated on sofas and arm chairs (with an additional conference seating for 16 people).

22. Evening lettings must finish by 10.30pm and the premises locked and vacated by 11pm.

23. Security – please keep all keys and personal items with you. Opportunistic thieves have been known to enter the premises unseen and losses have been incurred.

24. No storage is available at St Agnes. Please make sure you take all your personal belongings and equipment with you each time you leave.

25. The PCC accepts no responsibility for any theft of or damage to property owned by anyone organising, attending or providing services for events in St Agnes.

26. The Hirer should leave all premises clean and tidy. Cleaning equipment is available in the cupboard under the gallery in the Church and the Storage Cupboard under stairs in The Hall. Clear up all litter outside the premises. Replace chairs and tables in their storage cupboards. Switch off electrical equipment and water taps, turn off all lights, close all outside windows and lock doors on departure.

27. The Hirer must take away all rubbish (landfill, food waste and recycling). There is no method for removing waste from St Agnes.

28. If a hirer is found in breach of any of these Conditions and Rules, the Hire Agreement will be terminated with immediate effect.

29. The Hire Agreement, including the Conditions and Rules, may be subject to review from time to time and in any case, will be renewable every twelve months. Hire Charges will not normally be changed more than once a year. Two months’ notice will be given of changes. In the case of a regular hire, the PCC and Hirer undertake to give one month’s notice of a decision to terminate the Hire Agreement. There will be an initial hire period of three months for all proposed regular hires. During the trial period, two weeks’ notice may be given either by the PCC or the Hirer to terminate the Hire Agreement.

The Parochial Church Council
Clewer St Andrews & St Agnes
May 2017

Please Download Room Booking Instructions & Terms Here