Clewer War dead

Clewer’s War Dead From WW1

Clewer Parishioners who died in WW1 Commemorated on the Board in the Brocas Chapel



Full List Of Names On The Memorial Board

  • ADEY Edward Alexander
    ASH Frederick
    ATTRIDE George
    AUSTIN Roland
    BEASLY George
    BEDFORD Walter
    BEESLEY Harry
    BELCHER Harry
    BELCHER William
    BETTERIDGE Frederick
    BLAKE Sydney
    BLAKE William H
    BOSHER Arthur
    BOWCOTT Herbert
    BOWLEY Luke
    BROWN Frank
    BUCKELL George
    BUNGARD Joseph
    BUSH Ernest
    BUTTRESS William H
    CARTER Albert H
    CARTER Alfred H
    CLARK Alfred
    CLARK Harry
    CLARKE William
    COCKING Edward
    COCKING John
    COOPER Ernest
    COOPER Charles T
    COOPER Hubert
    COX Frederick
    DIBBS Frank
    DUNN Frederick J
    EADES Frederick
    EAMES William A
    EAVES Joseph
    EVANS Russell
  • FOUNTAIN Harold E
    FRAME James
    FRANCIS Charles
    FREEMAN George
    FRESTON Hugh R
    FULLER Ernest
    GODDARD Stephen
    GOODCHILD Charles
    GROVES John
    HATCH Harold
    HENSLEY William
    HALFORD Ernest
    HAWTHORN Harold
    HAYNES Frederick G
    HERNE Alfred
    HIBBERT Henry W
    HILEY Herbert
    HORTON Frank
    IVES William Henry
    JACKSON Ernest
    JORDON James C
    KNIGHT Burkham
    KNIGHT William T
    LAWES Alfred
    LEWIS Frank
    LIDDELL John
    LIDDIARD George
    LLOYD James
    LOVEGROVE Charles F
    MARJORAM James
    MATTHEWS Douglas
    MEAD Arthur E C
    MERKETT James
    PARDOE Harry
    PRIME John C
    RAINS Frederick
    ROGERS Cyril
  • RUSSELL James
    RUSSELL Reginald
    SCOTHERN James
    SCOUSE John
    SHURLEY George F
    SHUTTLE George
    SIMMONDS Lewis E
    SMITH Arthur
    SMITH Henry
    SQUELCH William J
    STEER Maurice
    STEVENS Cecil A
    SUMNER Ernest
    TAYLOR George
    TAYLOR William A H
    TEGG Arthur
    TEGG Charles
    TEGG James
    TINSON Henry
    TREADWELL Albert F
    TUCKWELL Thomas
    UGLOW George H
    VINE William
    WALLACE Henry E
    WEBB Sidney
    WELLS Harry T
    WILKINS Alfred
    WILKINS Frederick
    WILKINS William
    WILKINSON William
    WORSLEY Harry
    HORAN Patrick G
    DAWES Frank
    DELLER Frederick
    DELLER Harold W
    HARMAN Percy E
    TAYLOR Harry

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