Pews News – 09 June 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer09 June 2024 2nd Sunday after Trinity The Church’s Count on Nature – Saturday 8th – Sunday 16th June 2024St Andrews Wild Worship – 16 June 2024 3.00pmWELCOME The Diocese recognises the potential of churchyards for supporting nature, and is actively encouraging churches to get involved. We already have many birds making their homes in our churchyard, with great … Read More

Pews News – 02 June 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer02 June 2024 1st Sunday after Trinity Jesus heals a man with a withered hand WELCOME At the beginning of what is called Ordinary Time, because the days that follow Trinity Sunday are ordered or numbered and this Sunday is the first Sunday after Trinity. Our readings focus on the Sabbath. We are reminded that God … Read More

Pews News – 26 May 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer26 May 2024 Trinity The Holy Trinity by Andrie Rublev WELCOME Trinity Sunday, and we are called to accept the divine hospitality that lies at the heart of the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Through prayer, praise, scripture and communion may we enter the depths of that mystery to be sustained, comforted and inspired by God … Read More

Pews News – 19 May 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer19 May 2024 Pentecost WELCOME Today we come together to celebrate Pentecost, Whit Sunday, which both draws the season of Easter to its conclusion, and marks the birth of the Church. The first reading, from the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 2 vv 1-21The Holy Spirit gives new power to the disciples, enabling them to share the … Read More

Pews News – 12 May 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer12 May 2024 The 7th Sunday of Easter WELCOME Last Sunday saw our first Creation Meditation, on Dawn Chorus day. A few brave early birds turned up at 5am in the churchyard for some time together welcoming the day, listening to the sounds of the dawn chorus and enjoying being led in a mindfulness activity. God … Read More

Thy Kingdom Come 2024 – App Download

The #ThyKingdomCome App is now available to download! The award-winning app is the perfect accompaniment for the 11 days of prayer. With brand new daily reflections from a range of influential Christians, resources for children and young people, plus daily videos and more, get the app now in time for TKC 2024! Download now Android: Apple:

Pews News – 05 May 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer05 May 2024 The 6th Sunday of Easter WELCOME Sixth Sunday of Easter We come together to rejoice in Jesus’ love and to ask ourselves how we can show his love to others. The first reading is from the Acts of the Apostles, chapter 10 vv 44 to the endThe Holy Spirit is given to new … Read More

Finance Reports for 2023

Church rules (CRR part 9 M5) require us to publish our financial reports at least seven days before the APCM. In previous years we have done this by publishing the full APCM report, including finance. This year, the full report is not quite ready, so we are sending out the finance reports separately. They will be included in the full … Read More

Pews News – 28 Apr 2024

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer28 April 2024 The 5th Sunday of Easter OUR MISSION ACTION PLAN WELCOME Mission Action Plan! Of course everyone needs a ‘plan’, and for us here in Clewer we are encouraged by the Diocese to have a ‘plan’. What is our ‘statement’, what is our purpose, our vision?  The PCC have been working together to discern our vision, … Read More