Pews News – 24 September 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer24 September 2023The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity  WELCOME Our generous God calls us to work in the vineyard. Either early in the day or late in the afternoon, we are never too late to contribute to the Kingdom of Heaven.  The first reading is from Jonah, chapter 3 vv 10 – the end of chapter 4God … Read More

Pews News – 17 Sep 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer17 September 2023The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity  WELCOME I have just returned from a walking retreat, walking the Camino to Santiago, the Way of St James in Northern Spain. Apart from rain on the first day of walking, the weather was a kind 24 degrees, certainly cooler than the UK. Every morning hostel and hotel doors … Read More

Pews News- 10 Sep2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer10 September 2023The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity  The Parable of the Lost Sheep WELCOME The fourteenth Sunday after Trinity Today’s theme invites us to consider how we treat those with whom we disagree. Even those who offend us are held within the circle of Christ’s love, and we are invited to love them as we love … Read More

Pews News – 03 Sep 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer03 September 2023The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity  WELCOME The thirteenth Sunday after Trinity In our worship this Sunday we come to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to confess our sins, receive God’s forgiveness, hear God’s word and to pray for the world. Our first reading is from Exodus, chapter 3 vv 1-15The Lord appears … Read More

Pews News – 27 Aug 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer27 August 2023The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity  WELCOME The Twelfth Sunday after TrinityWhen we need to know the truth about ourselves – we ask our closest friends who have journeyed with us through thick and thin and seem to know us best, who also know what others are saying about us. Jesus asked his disciples… “who … Read More

Pews News – 20 Aug 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer20 August 2023The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity  WELCOME The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity God calls the people of Israel, and also calls each of us. We know that we will face difficulties, but we are challenged to live justly and do what is right.  The first reading is from Isaiah, chapter 1 vv 6-8Not only … Read More

Pews News – 13 Aug 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer13 August 2023The Tenth Sunday after Trinity  Jesus pulls Peter from the water WELCOME The Tenth Sunday after Trinity Let us rejoice in the God who never loses faith in us, whatever our background, whatever our weakness, whatever troubles there may be in our lives, may our worship together strengthen our faith in the one … Read More

Pews News – 23 July 2023

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer23 July 2023The Seventh Sunday after Trinity  WELCOME The first reading for the 7th Sunday after Trinity comes from the Wisdom of Solomon, chapter 12 vv 13, 16-19. It’s a reading about God’s forbearance. There’s only one God, a God who is strong and lenient and all powerful.  The second reading comes from the Letter to the Romans, chapter 8 … Read More