Pews News 20 Nov 2022

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer20 November 2022Sunday next before AdventChrist the King WELCOME Christ the King is the feast day that brings us full circle in the church calendar.Who is this Jesus, our King? Jesus is the Son of Man. He has lived among us and knows what it’s like to be human in an uncertain world. He has experienced … Read More

Pews News – 13 Nov 2022

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer13 November 2022The second Sunday before AdventRemembrance Sunday WELCOME It’s been a busy Remembrance week with school and care home visits. A real privilege to be with the complete spectrum of age, listening to stories from those with memories and helping to instil the importance of ‘remembering’ with the youngsters. In assembly at Clewer Green the Worship … Read More

Pews News – 06 Nov 2022

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer06 November 2022The third Sunday before Advent WELCOME Having a Christian faith should produce in us questions throughout our whole life because faith is a living gift from God and requires us to embrace it by both accepting what we are taught and questioning it, so it really does continue to grow within us and be shown … Read More

Pews News – 30 Oct 2022

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer30 October 2022The fourth Sunday before AdventAll Saints’ Day WELCOME Today is not just about heroes of the faith, and it’s not even just about our own beloved departed who have gone before us. This is not “Some Saints Day”, this is “All Saints Day”. We know that the saints were everyday human beings just like us, … Read More

Pews News – 23 Oct 2022

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer23 October 2022The last Sunday after TrinityBible Sunday WELCOME This Sunday is Bible Sunday and in our worship we will think about how our scriptures can help us in rebuilding our communities as places where God’s activity is seen and celebrated, and how we can take our part in building God’s Kingdom. The first reading is … Read More

Pews News – 16 Oct 2022

† St AndrewsProclaiming Christ in Clewer16 October 2022The 18th Sunday after Trinity WELCOME The Old Testament stories provide us with timeless, multi-layered lessons for God’s people. One such story is Jacob’s wrestling with God, found in Genesis 32:22-32. In this short passage, there are key points about how it relates to our own walk with God and how we can apply … Read More