Christmas 2008

All the details of the Christmas activities at St Andrews and All Saints are in the Christmas 2008 leaflet, which is being delivered to every house in the two parishes. The text of the leaflet is reproduced below, or you can download it by clicking here or on the picture below.

Christmas 2008 leaflet

Christmas 2008

All Saints, Dedworth and St. Andrew’s, Clewer, share Christmas with you.Join us at the Claus’ Christmas Café, the Christmas Tree Festivaland the Community Singing Event.

Claus’ Christmas Caf

Sunday December 21st from 10.15 am to 1pm
at All Saints, Dedworth.

An opportunity to sing carols with Father Christmas, receive a present, make a present for your family in a café style atmosphere. Call in at any time on this Sunday and enjoy the meaning of Christmas, free …. For God so loved the world He gave His Son, he didn’t charge! There are many ways of enjoying church and this is one different way this year.

Christmas Tree Festival

A beautiful way to enjoy Christmas trees, church and carols,
at St. Andrew’s, Clewer.

Come any time on Saturday 13th December from 10 am onwards to enjoy putting twenty five Christmas trees together, each with a different theme. Come on Sunday 14th any time from 2 pm onwards to enjoy the beauty of the trees and all they have to offer, plus refreshments and the Spirit of Christmas, stay on or come back at 6 pm to…

…Nine Lessons and Carols by Candlelight around the trees. Then through the week, busy and harassed parents, come and enjoy a quiet half an hour around the trees between 10 am and 3.00 pm.

Teenagers “Six Minute Christmas

This is an evening for all teenagers from the age of thirteen to nineteen, it is a fun evening with food and music and six minutes will be given to sharing the Christian Message of Christmas. Do come and join us and bring your friends, you will be surprised how much you enjoy yourselves inside All Saints Church from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm on Sunday 21st December.

Community Singing Event

This event is run by the community and they warmly invite all ages to an open air concert of Christmas music on Tuesday 16th December 6 pm – 7.30 pm at Dedworth Middle School.

This will be an all age event, there will be adult choirs, children’s choirs, musical items. Refreshments: mulled wine, mince pies, roasted chestnuts. Come wrapped up to enjoy this evening of community fun. (Nothing to do with the church … we are just joining in the fun and are happy to advertise for our community)


14th December

Nine Lessons and Carols by Candlelight
at St. Andrew’s 6 pm

21st December

Claus’ Christmas Café morning
at All Saints 10.15 am – 1pm

Six Minute Christmas for teenagers
at All Saints 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm

24th December

Christingle Service at St. Andrew’s 3.30 pm

Christingle Service at All Saints 5.00 pm

Christingle Service at All Saints 6.30 pm

Late Night Service at St. Andrew’s 9.45 pm

Midnight Service at All Saints 11.30 pm

25th December

9.00 am Family Service at St. Andrew’s

10.30 am Family Service at All Saints

31st December

12 noon service at All Saints followed by cheese and biscuits and soup

6.00 pm service at St. Andrew’s

Both services are an opportunity quietly and peacefully to give thanks for the year we are leaving and gain peace for the year we are entering.

Dear friends in the community,

As I put pen to paper to share a few thoughts with you, it is exactly eight weeks to go to Christmas. As you read this it will be less than four! If you want to hear my up-to-the-minute spoken Christmas message then I invite you to share in some of the services outlined in this newssheet.

What is going to be uppermost in our minds this year? I feel it is going to be personal security. For all of us there is a real need for our money, our jobs, our mortgages to be safe, for us and for our children. The media and the world of finance are making us question whether we do indeed have that security and for how long. Christmas is not a time for doubting!

Christmas is not a time for burying our heads in the sand and spending more to pretend all is well.

Christmas is a time of security, because God sent His Son into the world because He loves His world. It is a profound message we can trust.

The Bethlehem Herald tells us ‘For unto you is born this day a Saviour’.

The Bethlehem Star stood over the place where He lay.

The Bethlehem Guardian says ‘Fear Not’.

The Bethlehem Times is for all times and that includes NOW. The Bethlehem Sun is none other than the SON OF GOD.

The Bethlehem financial security is in Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh that remind us of Jesus our King, our Saviour and our giver of eternal life.

Times may well be hard for so many reading this, and as a church we will be there for you, not only with our prayers but, when needed, our practical support.

But may the real message of Christmas be your strength and security and may the person of Christmas, Jesus Christ, find a place in you and your family’s celebrations this year.

Love, Louise.

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