06 September 2020 – Thirteenth Sunday of Trinity

WELCOMEIt’s cold, it’s murky, it’s muddy and, it brings a sense of liberation. It is Open Water Swimming! Over the summer I have discovered a new pastime, I never thought I would as I’m the kind of swimmer who really likes to see what’s underneath me. I try to keep my feet as near to the surface as possible in … Read More

30 August 2020 – Twelfth Sunday of Trinity

WELCOMEThe 30th August is the Lesser Festival of John Bunyan, Spiritual Writer born in 1628. It is also the week of the anniversary of my father’s death, so it is always a week in the year when I am pulled back to my roots, family and faith roots. John Bunyan featured highly in my childhood as I was born, or … Read More

23 August 2020 – Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

WELCOMEThe weather has moderated somewhat this week, but did we need so much rain? Probably, as it is good for the garden. In his reflection on the Gospel reading this week, which you can read below, the Bishop of Buckingham, Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson, goes into the interesting history of Caesarea Philippi, now known as Banias, before going into the … Read More

16 August 2020 – Tenth Sunday after Trinity

WELCOMEWe hope that the weather is now more to your liking, especially the temperature. The early days of last week were apparently the hottest since 1961.  Stuart doesn’t remember that, he was living in Germany at that time, maybe it wasn’t so hot there? Jane doesn’t remember it either, as she was very young in the summer of 1961! Stuart … Read More

09 August 2020 – Ninth Sunday after Trinity

WELCOMEThis Sunday morning will be the second time we have held Public Worship at St Andrews since Churches were closed in March. Last Sunday we were at last able to welcome the Paschal candle into Church. It was a reduced service – we were not allowed to sing, but we were able to enjoy Robert singing the psalm and playing … Read More