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Notable Graves in St. Andrew’s Churchyard

1.    FOSTER

    Squire of Clewer Manor.

    To the left of the path around the back of the church, statue of woman and cross.

2.    GLOVER, Mary Ann

    Attended Princess Royal, one of Queen Victoria’s children.

    At the corner of the church on the left, next to tomb with open book.

3.    ALLUM, Owen

    17 year old Windsor telegraph boy. Titanic victim (one of few bodies recovered)

    At end of church, cross on right overlooking boatyard.

4.    HULL

    Nanny to all Queen Victoria’s children. Gravestone paid for by Royal children.

    On right next to Celtic cross. Grave with recumbent cross overlaid with palm leaf.

5.    CARTER, Thomas Thellusson

    Controversial High Church rector of Clewer. Founded House of Mercy, St Andrew’s Hospital, several schools and St Andrew’s Almshouses

    Turn right off path after Hull, grave is on left. Note passion flower decoration


    Major landowners and Lords of Manor of Clewer in 19th century.

    Large tomb behind iron fence on left.


    Killed in accident at Clewer Mill. Grindstone fell on him

    Headstone, just beyond first seat on right.

8.    McDONALD

    Local tradition tells of cross brought from Scotland by traction engine.

    Huge Celtic cross on right

9.    FITZGERALD, Lord Otho.

    Described as a “mercenary little fortune hunter”. Built Oakley Court Hotel.

    Recumbent cross on marble pillars.

10.  BARRY, Sir Francis Tress, MP

    Created baron by King of Portugal. Worshipped in Clewer.

    Cross and two tombs within iron railings to the right of the path, just after Gooch.

11.  GOOCH, Daniel

    First superintendent of GWR. Lived in Clewer Park. Rebuilt many properties.

    Marble flat monument within iron chains to the right of the path.


    Second wife of Gooch. Gooch believed his dead first wife told him to marry Emily.

    Cross by wall in corner.


    Keeper of Privy Purse.

    Cross next to Gooch, left of path, 4 graves in.

14.  GRAHAM, Colonel James John

    One of the Military Knights of Windsor. Received the Turkish Order and Medal.

    Marble tomb 2 rows on from Gooch and 4 graves in

15.  McCLOSKIE, William John

    Landlord of Star and Garter. Councillor, member of Windsor Fire Brigade and prominent member of Licensed Victuallers’ Protection Association

    Marble tomb under holly tree and next to big tree. Name not visible.


    Fallen women rescued by Mariquita Tennant and later by the Sisters of the House of Mercy. Graves all over the churchyard, many by kissing gate and along wall.
17.  KELLNER, Mary Ann Elizabeth

    Last lineal descendant of the English branch of Martin Luther’s family.

    Headstone opposite holly tree with 3 trunks, left of path behind yew tree.

18.  TENNANT, Mariquita

    Spanish widow of English clergyman started rescue of “fallen women” which resulted in founding of Sisterhood of St John the Baptist. She lived at “The Limes”.

    At corner of path by church door, look at 45° into spring meadow. You will see a crooked cross, and the small cross beyond this marks her grave.

19.  ADAMS, Edward

    Quartermaster in Royal Horse Guards. Died “by the visitation of God” while marching with his regiment to church.

    Outside church on left, tomb with military relief